Breaker Steels and Top Plates:

We sell the excellent, British made ROCKEATER range of replacement breaker steels, covering all major makes and model of excavator mounted breakers/hammers.

Most tools are available with either Chisel (flat end) or Conical (pointed end) designs.

We also manufacture bolt-on top plates and hammer mounting pins, for all sizes of breaker and excavator. These are made to order, so please allow 7 to 14 days for manufacture.

IMPORTANT! Always state the correct make AND model of your hammer\breaker, to ensure you receive the right parts!

12 Volt Fuel Pump:
Fuel pumpSuitable for use on all mini excavators from 1.2 to 6 T. Negative earthing.
Supplied complete with two unions/connections, and integral filter, as shown.
(Code; FSTS504/D)

Grease Gun:
Grease gun(code; A1019) Essential kit for any excavator owner/fitter! With cranked extension tube and 4 jaw coupler. Takes 400g cartridges.

LC2 Grease:
400g cartridges. Excellent for plant applications;
- High resistance to washout
- High load bearing
- High temperatures
(-30 to 160°C)

FiltersWe stock a limited range of air, oil, fuel and hydraulic filters for popular mini excavators.

Lynch Pins & R-Clips:
Lynch pins1000’s in stock.
Choose from:
Lynch pins: 6mm pin, with 38mm ID loop; 8.7mm pin, with 55mm ID safety loop; 9mm pin, with 65mm ID loop; 15mm pin, with 105mm ID loop; 20mm pin, with 140mm ID loop.

R-Clips: 4 or 6mm wire diameter

Re-fuelling pumps

Re-fuelling pump12Volt FJ3058/KIT, 24Volt FJ3073/KIT
Electric fuel transfer pumps, available in both 12 and 24 Volt configurations, and either as a pump only, or as a kit, including:

  • pump
  • inlet hose with filter
  • outlet hose with manual filler nozzle

Self-priming, and capable of pumping 40 litres per minute, up to 20m discharge, on 30 minute duty cycle.

The pump can be used as a portable unit with the clip-on terminals, or wired directly to a machine for permanent installation.