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Grapples, or grabs, are available for all excavators and are a durable, cost effective solution for long term materials handling requirements. All models feature Hardox 450 material for the main plates, giving excellent strength; 1,200N/mm^2 compared to 43A (S275) and 50B (S355), which have yield strengths of 275 and 300 N/mm^2 respectively) and wear resistance; typically 425 to 475 Brinell hardness, compared to 146 and 187 43A and 50B respectively. Obviously, Hardox is a more expensive raw material, but hugely better suited to the application.

Excavator grapple attachments require no additional hydraulic rams or services, and are simply operated by the bucket ram, which actuates the moving half (2 tined section) whilst the static (3 tined) half, is held by a con-rod, attached to a three position bracket, which is welded to the dipper arm. All necessary pins, brackets and con-rods are included.

There are two main types of grapple:

Boxed Tine:
The ultimate grapple. Normally supplied as ‘Rock spec.’ this is our strongest type of grapple, and is capable of withstanding extremely arduous applications such as; primary demolition, and rock handling in quarries or for sea defence projects. The tines are fabricated - in Hardox - as box sections, just like an excavator boom or dipper arm, to give immense rigidity, without excessive weight.

All of these grapples feature hardened top hat bushes, which interlink the two grapple halves (so the grapple stays intact when removed from the excavator) to also allow for easy replacement of pivot wear. For maximum grip and opening capacity, the grapple pivots about the dipper end on a special bucket pin (included), whilst the rear bucket link pin remains standard.

Units made specifically for rock handling will carry extra reinforcing on the inner faces of the two grapples halves.

Solid Tine:
Less expensive than the boxed tine grapple, and not as heavily constructed, the solid tine grapple is ideal for general, lighter duties; secondary demolition handling general debris, such as light girders or timbers, waste transfer handling and sorting, scrap.

The tines are profile cut from solid Hardox material, and the two halves of the grapple are connected by twin hinge pins (supplied). The grapple attaches to the machine using the standard machine buckets pins (not supplied), and for this reason, it is generally possible to use this type of grapple with our SPRINGLOCK or MULTILOCK quick hitches. The solid tine construction is what we recommend on our mini grapples - for machines up to 5 tonnes - for most applications. See video here: video

For light, general work, you might get away without the expense of a grapple and use our Grip Talon attachment, but for heavy, continuous use, in severe applications, accept no substitutes and specify a grapple.

The information shown above details out the general specifications of our grapples - in particular, the two main types - but our sales team will be pleased to advise on the best attachment for your excavator.