Mechanical Pulverisor diagram
Dimensions shown (in mm) for the full range of mechanical pulverisors:
Weight Class Tonnes: 6-9 9-12 13-15 16-19 20-27 28-37 38-48 49-65
Jaw Opening (A): 600 600 760 760 850 950 1050 1300
Jaw Length (B): 600 600 640 640 655 735 935 1100
Max. jaw width (static): 360 360 500 500 600 650 850 1000
Information shown is approximate, and subject to change due to constant product development.


Ideal in all general demolition and recycling applications, for processing concrete and stone, the mechanical pulverisor is a simple, durable excavator attachment.

What machines can mechanical pulverisor be fitted to?
Although potentially feesable on excavators from 6 T upwards, we tend to find that machines much less than 10 tonnes are far more productive when fitted with our BAV, hydraulic crusher. Apart from this proviso, any excavator up to 65 T will operate these attachments with ease.

Quality materials are essential for long term durability.

PulverisorsAll main plates on our mechanical pulverisors are manufactured from HARDOX 400 plate (note red painted plates, with certification marks) which is a universally recognised source.

For compact machines, from 1.2 to 16 tonnes, see the BAV Alligator Crushers.