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For long-term handling and sorting use - particularly demolition, recycling and waste transfer - there is no substitute for hydraulically rotating grabs and grapples.

The Kinshofer units we sell are not only well designed and immensely rugged, but also very competitively priced. A market leader in the truck crane attachment market, Kinshofer have teamed-up with DIGBITS to bring this product to the UK excavator market.

HPXdrive: 3 to 8 tonnes
A unique range of motor-driven grabs and grapples, which are massively durable and reliable because the drive eliminates the need for rams and lubrication points.

Currently available for diggers from 3 to 8 tonnes operating weight.

Interchangeable shells allow the drive to be used in various applications.

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Exchangeable shells
The New Generation of Clamshell Buckets & Grapples
Demolition and Sorting Grapple with HPX drive

DH drive: 10 to 27 tonnes
A range of robust, multi-purpose rotating grapples, suitable for all demolition, sorting and separation tasks.

Twin, horizontally opposed rams power the shells together.

Three models, available for diggers from 10 to 27 tonnes operating weight.

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(D15H/D20H/D27H - Demolition and Sorting Grapple with metal ribs).