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Augers & Drive Units:
Our enormous range of Augers and Drive Units cover 360° excavators from 0.75 tonne 'micros' up to 35 tonne machines and skid steer loaders, and all but the very smallest - the DDO (for up to 1.5T) - feature integral, high torque, planetary reduction gearboxes.

This torque, allied to the constant spiral design of the augers, gives outstanding digging power, even in hard ground conditions. With optional tungsten tipped teeth even fracturable rock and sandstone can be penetrated.

Drive units can be fitted with various brackets, to allow interchange between different machines, provided they are within the correct weight range for the unit.

Depending on your machine - and our sales team will be happy to advise on this - you can have augers from 100 mm on smaller machines to 1200 mm diameter on 35 tonners, and can bore as deep as 10 metres using extensions on the largest.

Most modern machines will be equipped with the two-way, auxiliary hydraulic circuits, neccessary to drive an auger or trencher.


Two main types of auger build are available; standrard 'earth' teeth & pilots and the harder-wearing "tungsten" teeth & pilots.

Depending on the size of drive, you can chose from a range of auger flight diameters from 100mm upwards.

Diameters: 100 to 1,200 mm
Depths: up to 10 metres



Chain Trencher Attachments:
Suitable for mini excavators from 3t (minimum) to 10t and also skid steer loaders, these trenching attachments are powered by the auxiliary hydraulic circuit.

More powerful than pedestrian operated 'dedicated' trenchers and cheaper than most self-propelled trenchers, these powerfull attachments have the added benfit of being able to use the arm reach and slew function of the excavator.

Narrow trenches can be cut quickly and effortlessly into most soil conditions, even in wet ground.

Watch a video of this product on YouTube: here


Attachment weight: 180kgs
Flow required: 35 l/min minimum
Cut width: 100 to 200mm
Depth: 300 to 600mm

Attachment weight: 240kgs
Flow required: 45 l/min minimum
Cut width: 100 to 300mm
Depth: 600 to 900mm

Attachment weight: 350kgs
Flow required: 70 l/min minimum
Cut width: 150 to 300mm
Depth: 800 to 1200mm

Attachment weight: 450kgs
Flow required: 80 l/min minimum
Cut width: 150 to 200mm
Depth: 1000 to 1500mm


  • Side discharge augers, to move spoil away from trench.
  • Crumbers are standard on the T1200 and T900 and optional extra on the T600.

We stock replacement trencher chains and cutters.
Cut widths: 80 to 300 mm
Cut depths: 450 to 1200 mm
Contact us for information.

Please note: Unfortunately, mini excavators below 2.7 tonnes do not have sufficient power (flow x pressure) to use these attachments.