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You can find more information about selecting and ordering buckets in our Excavator Buckets Technical Resource.

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Mini Digger Bucket BrochureMore information: To download your own, printable PDF information sheet for the mini digger bucket range, please click on the image on the right:


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Built in Great BritainExcavator, Digger, Mini Digger & Crusher Buckets for Sale


BUY NOW! Secure online storeFrom micro, mini and midi, to mass excavators: Whatever the job, whatever the excavator or backhoe, DIGBITS’ range of high quality, purpose built digger buckets and attachments will ensure you get the most from your digger.

Size: We manufacture excavator buckets and excavator attachments for all diggers and backhoes, from the 0.5 tonne micro diggers, right up to the largest full sized excavators - we used to say we stopped at 80 tonnes, but then at the end of 2004 we broke that rule by building a bucket for a 140 tonne excavator!

We believe we have the best knowledge of mini excavators, and their related buckets and attachments of any company in the UK.

Digging and Trenching buckets:
Toothed buckets for general digging, trench cutting and loading duties.
A variety of tooth types are available.

Ditching and Grading buckets:
Wider buckets, without teeth, for grading, levelling and ditch cleaning. These may also be used to re-handle loose (pre-dug) soil and lighter loading duties.

Rock and Heavy Duty buckets:
Our XHD buckets can be specified for demolition or rock handling and are capable of sustaining long service in the very toughest of ground conditions.

Riddle and Shaker buckets:
Buckets for separating rock and stone from soil. For smaller machines, we also produce a bucket with different sizes of interchangeable screen.

Stock: Although our warehouse carries a wide range of excavator buckets and attachments, we won’t just try to sell what we happen to have in stock. We believe in talking to our customers to match the best buckets or attachment for their application. Tell our sales staff what sort of work you want to do, and either through their own knowledge, or by consulting with our engineers, they will be able to recommend equipment to help you achieve your objectives.

HardoxQuality: Features such as machined, welded pin bosses which are standard across the range - even on mini excavator buckets - high wear materials on cutting edges over 20mm and Hardox on XHD buckets offer real, long term durability and value for money.

Cat type teethCAT type teeth can be specified on all buckets above 2 tonne class for durability, an excellent choice of tips for various applications and quick tip changes.

StopwatchEfficiency: We can advise you on optimum bucket and attachment solutions for a wide variety of applications. We can help you to make your excavator more than just a digging machine.

SavingsSavings: The right kit will enable you to work more efficiently saving time and money, and giving you scope to tackle a far wider range of jobs. Our prices compare well with OEM and main dealers.

Bucket deliveryDelivery: If we have a bucket in stock, we can normally deliver it on the next working day, within the UK mainland. We can arrange delivery to any destination (provided we have a full address of course), for any size of bucket.

You can find more information about selecting and ordering buckets in our Excavator Buckets Technical Resource.

We also stock bucket pins, bushes and seals and bucket and tipping linkages for all popular excavators.