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Carrier excavator (tonnes): 0.5 to 1.5
micro & mini excavators
1.5 to 3.0
mini excavators
3.0 to 9.0
mini & midi excavators
10 to 16
360° excavators
18 to 28
360° excavators
A) Maximum jaw opening (mm): 160 215 290 550 1000
B) Jaw length (mm): 200 340 600 795 900
C) Overall height (mm): 500 615 1065 1226 1470
D) Overall width (mm): 330 177 370 450 600
Max. weight (kg): 70 150 470 1060 1460
  BAVmicro crusher in action BAV1 crusher in action BAV3 crusher in action BAV4 crusher in action BAV5 crusher in action



BAV Alligator Crushers give compact excavators the power to process materials on sites that larger excavators or static crushing plants cannot reach, either due to environmental, weight or space restrictions.

Transport off-site, for waste and to site, for aggregates, can be minimised by crushing concrete with your excavator. Reinforcing wire is cleaned of concrete for best scrap value.

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The BAV Alligator Crusher attachments are robust, powerful jaw crushers designed for primary demolition tasks as well as pre-crushing larger chunks of material before feeding a static or mobile crushing plant or bucket crusher attachment.

They have re-bar cutting blades to allow the reinforcing wires not only to be crushed clean, for maximum scrap value, but also to be ut for easier transport.

These attachments are currently available for all hydraulic excavators with double acting auxilliary hydraulics from 0.75 to 50 tonnes.

BAV-CB Bucket Crushers

The BAV-CB Bucket Crusher range allows compact excavators to crush brick, concrete and rock rubble into a useful aggregate product, on site.

These attachments are currently available for all hydraulic excavators 2.5 to 25 tonnes.

BAV-RS Screening Buckets

The BAV-RS Screening Buckets are designed for sorting debris from soil and also for pre-sizing and cleaning debris, before any crushing process.as well as fine-grading after crushing.

These attachments are currently available for mini excavators from 2.5 to 9 tonnes.