Land clearance rakesLand Clearance Rake20 tonne excavator land clearance rake

Built in Great BritainLAND CLEARANCE RAKES

BUY NOW! On our secure online storeLand Clearance Rakes have many applications and are suitable for use on all sizes of micro, mini and 360° excavator from 0.5 to 70 tonnes operating weight. For most jobs, the overall width and height of the rake is similar to that of the machine's largest digging bucket.

Tines are made from Hardox material for maximum durability.

Gaps between the tines will depend on the sort of work you envisage. For jobs such as moving tree roots, rocks and other large debris, a large gap - and consequently fewer, thicker tines - is best. For sorting stone from soil, you need the gaps set to a width that retains the size of debris you wish to remove. If however, you work in areas where the soil is particularly heavy and sticky, you will need a reasonable gap to prevent clogging of the tines. We can advise on these criteria. Check our our land clearance rakes technical resource page for more info or contact us.


With a Land Clearance Rake you can:

  • Sort debris out from soil
  • Lift and move objects whilst leaving soil behind
  • Brake up hard, compacted top soil
  • Ideal for use with our Grip Talon attachment
  • Root out, or carry hedges and shrubs